At CLS recruitment has never meant just finding any Candidate for a job

Best Quality

At CLS recruitment has never meant just finding any Candidate for a job. That’s why we do things differently. We take the care to place the right person in the right role. Any candidate who registers for work with us can expect the same level of service and respect that we extend to our clients.

Working as a contractor for CLS means that you will be contracted to work for a company for a fixed period of time and will be using your skills and experience to help a client complete a project or provide a service.

Honesty and transparency

At CLS we believe in honesty and transparency with our candidates at all times however we also expect the same in return, Remember to keep in touch with us and let us know what's going on at every stage of a job. If you know that you're due to be finishing a placement, let us know as soon as possible that way we can start looking for your next job in advance. If you are due to be on site, if you cannot make it, or are going to be late into work for any reason it is important you let us know at all times. We do require our candidates to communicate at all times that way we can let our contact on site know. This helps to keep the relationship between us and our client pleasant which, in turn, could mean more regular work for you


We always will inform our candidates to make sure that a placement is right for you before accepting it. We gain nothing from placing you into a job which is not right for you. When accepting a role for CLS please ensure that you are able to get to the job on time and that you have the correct tools, if applicable. If you accept a placement which is wrong for you, you risk damaging not only your relationship with your CLS consultant, but also our relationship with the client. This can have a knock-on effect on future placements


Please contact us on 0800 160 1115 to see if we have a position available for you. Jobseekers can also register now on the website via the ‘register now page’ and a consultant will be in touch shortly to have a brief chat to discuss what jobs we currently have available and get a better understanding of your experience and skill set.